Juan Alberto Garcia de la Hoz was born on May 27, 1973, in Bogota, Colombia. He grew up in Venezuela and considers Barquisimeto, Venezuela, his hometown. For many years, he has been a graphic designer, photographer and musician, amongst other things.

In the late 2000s, he was a good friend of fellow artist, Abraham Gomez. They teamed up with several controversial photographers in the streets of Caracas, Venezuela, trying to take pictures of emblematic locations in dangerous areas.

Juan was called “Dante de la Hoz” and started to create artistic photography.

Times were hard in Venezuela, so Abraham and Dante traveled to Ireland looking to take a breath and start over again. Actually, the first place abroad where they shot together was in Frankfurt, Germany.

Europe was a beautiful experience for them. They shot some photos in Paris, Amsterdam, Rome and London, and at the end, they were working with a some female European models as well.

Currently, Dante lives in Orlando, Florida (USA) and stays in touch with Abraham, who lives in Madrid, Spain. They are both partners in Roraima Studios.

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